Highest package of IIT for fresher

 Highest package of IIT for fresher

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With number of IIT colleges standing at 23, giving placements and great packages to every final year pass out students comes with a great challenge. Modern technology, Digitalization has paved ways for new job offers to all the pass outs. IIT Bombay cse packages worth the real dream of every IITian. Aerospace engineering package gives good opportunity to explore IITian in a broader range of aero dynamics environment. However IIT Bombay other packages for example in Metallurgy Mechanical Civil as well electrical are also at next level in comparison to other college. IIT Delhi cse packages grab golden packages as like Bombay. Top IITs every branch get a handsome packages. IIT Kanpur & IIT Roorkee As well as IIT Kharagpur provide best opportunity in every branch pancakes. 

Also not all of the IIT students get satisfactory placements. Its just their expertise, know how analysis that fetches them huge digits packages. 

December initiates the placement season for IIT engineering folks, comprising three phases. CS students grab most of the handsome packages. Annual package ranges from 2 crore (sometimes more and rare ) to 10 lakhs(minimum); native domestic companies are not known to pay huge  heavy sums but sometimes may pay in  equivalence too . During placements students are recruited for various job profiles depending on their capabilities and working skills. 

Every year we are witnessing an increase in placement percentage from.; sometimes 2% and at the other times 20% in top IIT colleges. 

2022 itself saw 15-20% rise in placement in Top IIT colleges ;moreover these data keep fluctuating every year on mercy of recruiters.

Here we go with Package Records of All IITs base on 2022

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The highest package occur amongst these four renown IITs : - 



3.IIT MADRAS (2021-2022 the highest) 


IIT BHU, IIT GUWAHATI, IIT PATNA students sometimes get eye fancing packages worth crores.

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