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Physics galaxy Book By Ashish Arora PDF


Ashish Arora Physics galaxy Book PDF

Ashish Arora is an exceptional teacher and author who has been guiding students for prominent exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and IPhO for nearly three decades. Many of his students have consistently achieved top 10 All India Ranks in IIT-JEE and NEET, including multiple AIR 1. Moreover, his students have also excelled at the International Physics Olympiad, winning numerous prestigious Gold and Silver medals in various countries.

Physics Galaxy BOOK Book pdf

The PHYSICS GALAXY book series is a culmination of Ashish Arora’s unwavering dedication and profound understanding of Physics. This comprehensive collection comprises 5 volumes that cover the most crucial topics of the subject to help students prepare for the highly competitive IIT JEE Main and Advanced exams.

How many parts of the Physics Galaxy book series by Ashish Arora ?

 Volume 1 of the Physics Galaxy Book series by Ashish Arora sir

Volume 1 focuses on Mechanics, providing a solid foundation in this fundamental branch of Physics.

 Volume 2 of the Physics Galaxy Book series by Ashish Arora sir

 Volume 2 delves into the essential topics of Thermodynamics, Oscillations, and Waves, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills in these domains. 

Volume 3A of the Physics Galaxy Book series by Ashish Arora sir

Volume 3 A book focus on Electrostatics and Current Electricity  

Volume 3B of the Physics Galaxy Book series by Ashish Arora sir

Magnetism, EMI, and Alternating Currents are explored in Volume 3B. 

Volume 4 of the Physics Galaxy Book series by Ashish Arora sir

Volume 4 covers the advanced topics of Optics and Modern Physics, giving students a comprehensive understanding and mastery of these subjects.

By utilizing these meticulously designed Physics Galaxy Book series  volumes by Ashish Arora, students can strengthen their conceptual understanding, develop problem-solving abilities, and excel in their exam preparations. Ashish Arora’s unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication shine through these books making them an invaluable resource for aspiring students aiming for success in the field of Physics.

How to Download Physics galaxy Book pdf ?

You can download the Physics Galaxy book series PDF by Ashish Arora from various websites online. These books are an excellent resource for students preparing for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. The Physics Galaxy book series PDF by Ashish Arora is available on many websites online that offer free downloads. You can also find these books on Amazon or other online bookstore

Ashish Arora physics Galaxy Author Handwritten Notes 

Alternating Current-.pdfCLICK HERE
Atomic Structure.pdfCLICK HERE
Basics of Calculus.pdfCLICK HERE
Calorimetry.pdfCLICK HERE
Capacitance------.pdfCLICK HERE
Center of Mass.pdfCLICK HERE
Circular Motion CLICK HERE
Magnetism-----.pdfCLICK HERE
Conductors and Dielectrics------.pdfCLICK HERE
Constrained Motion.pdfCLICK HERE
Diffraction of Light.pdfCLICK HERE
Dispersion of Light.pdfCLICK HERE
Doppler's Effect.pdfCLICK HERE
Electric Current------.pdfCLICK HERE
Electric Flux and Gauss's Law--.pdfCLICK HERE
Electric Potential and Dipole pdfCLICK HERE
Electrical Instruments------.pdfCLICK HERE
Electromagnetic Induction------.pdfCLICK HERE
Electromagnetic Waves------.pdfCLICK HERE
Electrostatic Field Energy------.pdfCLICK HERE
Electrostatics------.pdfCLICK HERE
Friction.pdfCLICK HERE
Geometrical Optics 1.pdfCLICK HERE
Geometrical Optics 2.pdfCLICK HERE
Geometrical Optics 3.pdfCLICK HERE
Heat Transfer.pdfCLICK HERE
Interference of Light.pdfCLICK HERE
Kinetic Theory of Gases.pdfCLICK HERE
Laws of Thermodynamics.pdfCLICK HERE
Magnetic Effects of Current------.pdfCLICK HERE
Magnetic Effects of moving charges------.pdfCLICK HERE
Magnetic Properties of Materials------.pdfCLICK HERE
Motion in One Dimension.pdfCLICK HERE
Motion in two dimensions.pdfCLICK HERE
Newton's Laws of Motion.pdfCLICK HERE
Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity.pdfCLICK HERE
Optical Instrument.pdfCLICK HERE
Photoelectric Effect.pdfCLICK HERE
Photometry.pdfCLICK HERE
Polarization of Light.pdfCLICK HERE
Principle of Superposition of Waves.pdfCLICK HERE
R C Circuits------.pdfCLICK HERE
Rotational Motion.pdfCLICK HERE
Self and Mutual Induction------.pdfCLICK HERE
Simple Harmonic Motion.pdfCLICK HERE
Stationary Waves.pdfCLICK HERE
Thermal Expansion.pdfCLICK HERE
Thermal Effects of Current------.pdfCLICK HERE
Units and Dimensions.pdfCLICK HERE
Vectors.pdfCLICK HERE
Wave particle Duality.pdfCLICK HERE
Work Power and Energy.pdfCLICK HERE


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